descriptionOrbot: Tor on Android
ownerThe Tor Project
last changeFri, 18 Apr 2014 16:03:39 +0000 (12:03 -0400)
6 days ago Nathan Freitas13.0.7 is stable enough for a release master 13.0.7
6 days ago Nathan Freitasback to BETA: 13.0.7-BETA-1 13.0.7-BETA-1
6 days ago Nathan Freitasdon't kill Tor anymore; just reconnect to running instance!
6 days ago Nathan Freitasenable diagnostics and menu option
6 days ago Nathan Freitasmoved diagnotics to menu option (not launcher)
6 days ago Nathan Freitascleaned up graphics/colors
7 days ago Nathan Freitas13.0.6-RC-4a 13.0.6-RC-4a
7 days ago Nathan Freitaslimit log length for diag share
7 days ago Nathan Freitasonly show app warning if debug is on
7 days ago Nathan Freitascheck if needed ports are available 13.0.6-RC-4
7 days ago Nathan Freitasfix issues with per-app filtering and ipv6
7 days ago Nathan Freitasupdated to 13.0.6-RC-4
7 days ago Nathan Freitasfixes to ensure service does not block
7 days ago Nathan Freitasuse and not localhost
7 days ago Nathan Freitasimprove diagnostics apps
7 days ago Nathan Freitasensure ipv6 packets are dropped and shell cmds exit
6 days ago 13.0.7 13.0.7 release
6 days ago 13.0.7-BETA-1 13.0.7-BETA-1
7 days ago 13.0.6-RC-4a 13.0.6-RC-4a
7 days ago 13.0.6-RC-4 13.0.6-RC-4
8 days ago 13.0.6-RC-3 13.0.6-RC-3
9 days ago 13.0.6-RC-2 13.0.6-RC-2
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-RC-1 13.0.6-RC-1
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-8 13.0.6-BETA-8
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-7 13.0.6-BETA-7
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-6 13.0.6-BETA-6
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-5 13.0.6-BETA-5
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-4 13.0.6-BETA-4
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-3 13.0.6-BETA-3
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-2 13.0.6-BETA-2
2 weeks ago 13.0.6-BETA-1 13.0.6 BETA 1
8 weeks ago 13.0.5 13.0.5
6 days ago master