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masterAdded Orfox user agent identification to regexpAmogh Pradeep10 days
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10 daysAdded Orfox user agent identification to regexpHEADmasterAmogh Pradeep
10 daysTest LikelyTBBArlo Breault
2015-05-29Use stem==1.4.1Arlo Breault
2015-05-28Turn off descriptor validationArlo Breault
2015-05-04Update favicon / title with check resultArlo Breault
2015-03-27Add some translationsArlo Breault
2015-03-27Post path independentArlo Breault
2015-03-27Dedup text/plain bulk exit listArlo Breault
2015-03-27Purge old dataArlo Breault
2014-12-22Merge pull request #26 from mttp/doc-clarifyArlo Breault