BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfixing flag typoNathan Freitas6 weeks
15.0.0-RC-3commit ddecd0ce82...Nathan Freitas7 weeks
15.0.0-RC-2commit 1feda73e3f...Nathan Freitas7 weeks
15.0.0-RC-1commit 23a28f5a6f...Nathan Freitas7 weeks
v15-beta-2commit 906ec7f3a6...Nathan Freitas8 weeks
v15-beta-1commit 627b04807b...Nathan Freitas8 weeks
15.0.0-alpha-5commit b7aa69c9c0...Nathan Freitas2 months
15.0.0-alpha-4commit 0f0a36883d...Nathan Freitas3 months
v15-alpha-3commit f22978e53c...Nathan Freitas3 months
15.0.0-alpha-1commit 7f42265158...Nathan Freitas4 months
v14.1.4commit b34d971193...Nathan Freitas6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-04-15fixing flag typoHEADmasterNathan Freitas
2015-04-15fix PIE_FLAGS variable to allow for overrideNathan Freitas
2015-04-13handle NPE on number format instanceNathan Freitas
2015-04-13fix NPE crash if VPN prepare Intent is null on bootNathan Freitas
2015-04-13update changelog for v15 rc 315.0.0-RC-3Nathan Freitas
2015-04-13show warning about bridge limits on Intel x86/ATOM devicesNathan Freitas
2015-04-13only ARM chips can support the new Obfs4, Meek bridgesNathan Freitas
2015-04-12update to v15 RC3Nathan Freitas
2015-04-12make buttons not resize weirdly with long stringsNathan Freitas
2015-04-12make socksbypass local port randomNathan Freitas