BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupdate changelogNathan Freitas10 days
15.0.1-beta-3commit e00f830eca...Nathan Freitas10 days
15.0.1-beta-2-signedcommit f98f7b4a33...Nathan Freitas11 days
15.0.1-beta-2commit f98f7b4a33...Nathan Freitas11 days
15.0.1-alpha-1commit 8479a9940c...Nathan Freitas8 weeks
15.0.0-RC-3commit ddecd0ce82...Nathan Freitas3 months
15.0.0-RC-2commit 1feda73e3f...Nathan Freitas3 months
15.0.0-RC-1commit 23a28f5a6f...Nathan Freitas3 months
v15-beta-2commit 906ec7f3a6...Nathan Freitas3 months
v15-beta-1commit 627b04807b...Nathan Freitas3 months
15.0.0-alpha-5commit b7aa69c9c0...Nathan Freitas4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daysupdate changelogHEAD15.0.1-beta-3masterNathan Freitas
10 daysupdate to beta 3Nathan Freitas
10 daysfinal fixes for AppsVPN mode on boot and Android 4.x supportNathan Freitas
11 daysupdate changelog for v15. Freitas
11 daysv15.0.1 beta 2Nathan Freitas
11 daysEnable support for app selection to work with VPN mode on Lollipop+Nathan Freitas
11 daysupdate to sdk 22Nathan Freitas
11 daysdon't try to build external folders in eclipseNathan Freitas
11 daysupdate tun2socks binariesNathan Freitas
11 daysupdate submodule pinNathan Freitas