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last changeWed, 16 Apr 2014 03:15:45 +0000 (23:15 -0400)
18 hours ago Nathan Freitasupdated changelog for 13.0.6-RC-3 master
18 hours ago Nathan Freitasupdated to 13.0.6-RC-3 13.0.6-RC-3
19 hours ago Nathan Freitasensure Service has foreground priority so it is not...
41 hours ago Nathan Freitasimproving control port connection code 13.0.6-RC-2
41 hours ago Nathan Freitasbump version to 13.0.6-RC-2
41 hours ago Nathan Freitassmall tweaks to Tor binary startup code
41 hours ago Nathan Freitasadd automapresolve to ensure .onion address are handled
41 hours ago Nathan Freitasimprove process lookup code
41 hours ago Nathan Freitasconnect to "localhost" instead of
41 hours ago Nathan Freitasupdate UI on rebind of service
41 hours ago Nathan Freitasfixes for transproxy to fix DNS leaks in some cases
6 days ago Nathan Freitasupdated to 13.0.6-RC-1 13.0.6-RC-1
6 days ago Nathan Freitasfixes for getting process id of Tor process
7 days ago Nathan Freitasupdates resources and tx config for tagalog
7 days ago Nathan Freitasupdate string resources from transifex
7 days ago Nathan Freitasupdated string values for components
18 hours ago 13.0.6-RC-3 13.0.6-RC-3
41 hours ago 13.0.6-RC-2 13.0.6-RC-2
6 days ago 13.0.6-RC-1 13.0.6-RC-1
7 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-8 13.0.6-BETA-8
8 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-7 13.0.6-BETA-7
8 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-6 13.0.6-BETA-6
8 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-5 13.0.6-BETA-5
8 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-4 13.0.6-BETA-4
8 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-3 13.0.6-BETA-3
9 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-2 13.0.6-BETA-2
12 days ago 13.0.6-BETA-1 13.0.6 BETA 1
7 weeks ago 13.0.5 13.0.5
3 months ago 13.0.4a 13.0.4a
3 months ago 13.0.4 13.0.4 fixing transproxy/xtables
3 months ago 13.0.3 13.0.3
3 months ago 13.0.2 13.0.2
18 hours ago master