descriptionPluggable transport for obfuscated traffic
ownerThe Tor Project
last changeWed, 16 Apr 2014 13:31:35 +0000 (16:31 +0300)
6 days ago George KadianakisMerge branch 'bug8956_tweak' master
6 days ago George KadianakisTweak the proxy logging a bit.
6 days ago Yawning AngelClean up error handling when the http proxy doesn't...
7 days ago George KadianakisDon't feed None to parseProxyURI() in external mode.
7 days ago Yawning AngelAdd support for connecting via a HTTPS CONNECT proxy.
8 days ago Yawning AngelFix connecting via a SOCKS proxy.
9 days ago George KadianakisAdd ChangeLog entry for #11190.
9 days ago Yawning AngelChanged the obfsproxy shebang to point to `python2`
2014-04-06 George KadianakisUse instead of making a new setting...
2014-03-28 George KadianakisDo the release ritual for obfsproxy-0.2.8. obfsproxy-0.2.8
2014-03-28 George KadianakisObfsproxy can now resolve DNS hostnames in bridge addre...
2014-03-27 George KadianakisTrivial tweaks to #11329 fix.
2014-03-27 Yawning AngelCast bytearray to str before calling struct.unpack...
2014-03-26 George KadianakisFix bug in unused function.
2014-03-20 Yawning AngelPer asn, create_proxy_client() should just take an...
2014-03-19 Yawning AngelTill HTTP CONNECT is actually supported, properly rejec...
3 weeks ago obfsproxy-0.2.8 tag-0.2.8
5 weeks ago obfsproxy-0.2.7 tag 0.2.7
2 months ago obfsproxy-0.2.6 tag 0.2.6
2 months ago obfsproxy-0.2.5 tag 0.2.5
6 months ago obfsproxy-0.2.4 tag 0.2.4
7 months ago obfsproxy-0.2.3 tag 0.2.3
12 months ago obfsproxy-0.2.2 tag 0.2.2
12 months ago obfsproxy-0.2.1 tag 0.2.1
14 months ago pyobfsproxy-0.0.2 tag 0.0.2
14 months ago pyobfsproxy-0.0.1 Initial pyobfsproxy release.
6 days ago master