BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maint-0.2.2Update to the October 2013 GeoIP database.Karsten Loesing19 months
maint-0.2.3Update geoip to the April 8 2015 database.Karsten Loesing5 weeks
maint-0.2.4Merge remote-tracking branch 'karsten/geoip6-apr2015' into maint-0.2.4Nick Mathewson4 weeks
maint-0.2.5Merge branch 'bug15823_025' into maint-0.2.5Nick Mathewson13 days
maint-0.2.6Bump maint-0.2.6 to Mathewson7 days
masterRevert "Try using SSL_get_ciphers in place of session->ciphers"Nick Mathewson4 days
release-0.2.3Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/maint-0.2.3' into release-0.2.3Nick Mathewson7 months
release-0.2.4Merge remote-tracking branch 'karsten/geoip6-apr2015' into release-0.2.4Nick Mathewson4 weeks
release-0.2.5Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/maint-0.2.4' into release-0.2.5Nick Mathewson4 weeks
release-0.2.6ChangeLog->releasenotesNick Mathewson5 days
tor- 5c8440b13b...Nick Mathewson6 days
tor- df76da0f3b...Nick Mathewson14 days
tor- 9ccf019b16...Nick Mathewson7 weeks
tor- 99d0579ff5...Nick Mathewson7 weeks
tor- 85169a121e...Nick Mathewson7 weeks
tor- e49d63a7ce...Nick Mathewson2 months
tor- bb8c4e69ca...Nick Mathewson2 months
tor- e0b77cd319...Nick Mathewson2 months
tor- cfb61f909a...Nick Mathewson2 months
tor- d461e7036f...Nick Mathewson2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysRevert "Try using SSL_get_ciphers in place of session->ciphers"HEADmasterNick Mathewson
5 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'yawning/ticket16140'Nick Mathewson
5 daysRevert the broken part of 548b4beNick Mathewson
5 daysRemove support for OpenSSL without ECC.Yawning Angel
5 daysGenerate error ASAP if building with too-old opensslNick Mathewson
5 daysmove "version" declaration to avoid "set but not used" warningsNick Mathewson
5 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'yawning/bug16052a_027'Nick Mathewson
5 daysfwd-port changelogNick Mathewson
6 days19:38 < Yawning> nickm: you left the "+#ifndef SSL_clear_mode" block in ;_;Nick Mathewson
6 daysMerge branch 'bug16034_no_more_openssl_098_squashed'Nick Mathewson