BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maint-0.2.2Update to the October 2013 GeoIP database.Karsten Loesing22 months
maint-0.2.3Update geoip to the June 3 2015 database.Karsten Loesing7 weeks
maint-0.2.4Merge remote-tracking branch 'karsten/geoip6-jun2015' into maint-0.2.4Nick Mathewson5 weeks
maint-0.2.5Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/maint-0.2.4' into maint-0.2.5Nick Mathewson5 weeks
maint-0.2.6Bump maint-0.2.6 to Mathewson2 weeks
masterBump version to Mathewson19 hours
release-0.2.3Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/maint-0.2.3' into release-0.2.3Nick Mathewson9 months
release-0.2.4Merge remote-tracking branch 'karsten/geoip6-apr2015' into release-0.2.4Nick Mathewson3 months
release-0.2.5Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/maint-0.2.4' into release-0.2.5Nick Mathewson3 months
release-0.2.6Merge branch 'maint-0.2.6' into release-0.2.6Nick Mathewson2 weeks
tor- 36c0ae6f78...Nick Mathewson20 hours
tor- 58c51dc608...Nick Mathewson2 weeks
tor- d41ab97294...Nick Mathewson7 weeks
tor- 5c8440b13b...Nick Mathewson2 months
tor- df76da0f3b...Nick Mathewson3 months
tor- 9ccf019b16...Nick Mathewson4 months
tor- 99d0579ff5...Nick Mathewson4 months
tor- 85169a121e...Nick Mathewson4 months
tor- e49d63a7ce...Nick Mathewson4 months
tor- bb8c4e69ca...Nick Mathewson4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
19 hoursBump version to Mathewson
22 hoursFold final entries into changelogtor- Mathewson
24 hourstighten and tidy the changelog; pick a dateNick Mathewson
24 hoursMerge remote-tracking branch 'yawning/bug16674'Nick Mathewson
24 hoursAllow a single trailing `.` when validating FQDNs from SOCKS.Yawning Angel
36 hoursFix ed25519-donna with SSP on non-x86.Yawning Angel
4 daysMove the note about non-localhost SOCKSPort usage up to where it belongs.Linus Nordberg
5 daysBump version (and explain how)Nick Mathewson
5 daysRe-run trunnel to capture change for msvc.Nick Mathewson
5 daysFix a couple more msvc issues, reported by gisle vanemNick Mathewson