descriptionWrapper to safely torify applications
ownerThe Tor Project
last changeFri, 4 Apr 2014 22:12:46 +0000 (18:12 -0400)
2014-04-04 David GouletUpdate version to v2.0.0-rc7 master v2.0.0-rc7
2014-04-03 David GouletFix: fix NULL dereference on error
2014-04-03 David GouletFix: memory leak in connect error path
2014-04-01 David GouletDelete old source directory
2014-04-01 David GouletFix: nullify constant that might be undefined
2014-03-31 David GouletRefactor the connect() code flow for clarity
2014-03-31 David GouletTests: add connect() test
2014-03-31 David GouletTests: add socket() test
2014-03-31 David GouletFix: socketpair() denied for INET[6] socket
2014-03-31 David GouletFix: socket() type check SOCK_STREAM
2014-03-26 David GouletFix: add to installation procedures
2014-03-24 LunarFix: change TSOCKS_LOOPBACK bitness
2014-03-19 Jérémy BobbioFix: support kfreebsd for mmap()
2014-03-17 David GouletUpdate version to v2.0.0-rc6 v2.0.0-rc6
2014-03-17 David GouletFix: set addr len for getsockname in accept
2014-03-17 David GouletFix: use socket fd and NOT sockaddr in accept
2 weeks ago v2.0.0-rc7 Version 2.0.0-rc7
4 weeks ago v2.0.0-rc6 Version 2.0.0-rc6
4 weeks ago v2.0.0-rc5 Version 2.0.0-rc5
6 weeks ago v2.0.0-rc4 Version 2.0.0-rc4
5 months ago v2.0.0-rc3 Version 2.0.0-rc3
7 months ago v2.0.0-rc2 Version 2.0.0-rc2
7 months ago v2.0.0-rc1 Version 2.0.0-rc1
14 months ago 1.3 tag for torsocks release 1.3
2 years ago 1.2 torsocks v1.2
3 years ago 1.1 version 1.1
4 years ago 1.0-epsilon Tag Release for Packaging
4 years ago 1.0-delta 1.0-delta release
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