BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dlerrorAdd patch from matthew.finkelJacob Appelbaum2 years
documentationFix typos in manpageJacob Appelbaum2 years
ipv6set errno for connect failures related to AF_INET6Jacob Appelbaum2 years
issue-47remove old shell spawning code that cannot be reachedJacob Appelbaum2 years
libdirUpdate lib dir checkJacob Appelbaum2 years
masterAllow TCP Fast Open clients go through torTim Rühsen2 months
pending-changesMerge branch 'torsocks_on' into pending-changesJacob Appelbaum2 years
v2.0.0commit ea105bb76e...David Goulet8 months
v2.0.0-rc7commit 91c148690e...David Goulet12 months
v2.0.0-rc6commit f990d1c6ec...David Goulet12 months
v2.0.0-rc5commit 3c860254b1...David Goulet12 months
v2.0.0-rc4commit b2de66763c...David Goulet13 months
v2.0.0-rc3commit ae49ebb44d...David Goulet17 months
v2.0.0-rc2commit b68d61f4f1...David Goulet19 months
v2.0.0-rc1commit 1a61501599...David Goulet19 months
1.3commit 4ff6dd9910...Jacob Appelbaum2 years
1.2commit eea4dabea2...Robert Hogan3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-01-21Allow TCP Fast Open clients go through torHEADmasterTim Rühsen
2015-01-19Test: support out of tree make checkDavid Goulet avoid tests which have both -pie and -staticAnthony G. Basile
2015-01-19Fix error messages about setuid/setgid executablesDmitry Shachnev
2015-01-19Fix: switch back to a syscall whitelist schemeDavid Goulet
2015-01-19Add AllowOutboundLocalhost.Yawning Angel
2014-11-21Fix: syscall mmap for NetBSDThomas Klausner
2014-10-25Fix: use getsockname instead of getsockopt to get socket familyDavid Goulet
2014-10-24Stop denying syscall() and add dangerous onesDavid Goulet
2014-10-24Fix: typo in the listen macro declarationDavid Goulet