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mastercorrect author list on proposal 223 (by request)Nick Mathewson3 hours
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3 hourscorrect author list on proposal 223 (by request)HEADmasterNick Mathewson
8 daysreindexNick Mathewson
8 daysInitial version of "HSDir needs Stable" proposal.George Kadianakis
2015-03-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'karsten/hidserv-stats'Nick Mathewson
2015-03-09Merge branch 'feature15006'Nick Mathewson
2015-03-09Add an atagar-suggested clarificationNick Mathewson
2015-03-04describe host and hostaddr for bootstrap problemsNick Mathewson
2015-02-27Fix issues noted by atagarNick Mathewson
2015-02-27merge prop227 into dir-specNick Mathewson
2015-02-27Describe the HOST field of bootstrap messages, for 15006.Nick Mathewson