BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6249_streamtrafficAdd changes fileTomás Touceda3 years
alphaAdded a changes file as requested.Florian Stinglmayr3 years
masterAdd changes file for the torrc parsing patchTomás Touceda3 years
vidalia-0.2.21commit 2b34839bd5...Erinn Clark3 years
vidalia-0.2.20commit 66a531f01a...Tomás Touceda3 years
vidalia-0.3.3-alphacommit 1da9389cea...Tomás Touceda3 years
vidalia-0.3.2-alphacommit f59151a840...Tomás Touceda4 years
vidalia-0.2.19commit be93b7dec5...Tomás Touceda4 years
vidalia-0.2.18commit 3039905652...Tomás Touceda4 years
vidalia-0.3.1commit efe8ab6173...Tomás Touceda4 years
vidalia-0.2.17commit c735ee73e4...Tomás Touceda4 years
vidalia-0.2.16commit 2fd2932ee2...Tomás Touceda4 years
vidalia-0.2.15commit 8966ecdfff...Tomás Touceda4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-02-23Add changes file for the torrc parsing patchHEADmasterTomás Touceda
2013-02-23Fix for 6147 Can't edit torrc from within Vidalias' interfacekarulis
2012-11-30Update Changelog and bump Vidalia to 0.2.21vidalia-0.2.21Erinn Clark
2012-11-30Update Vidalia translations and remove changes filesErinn Clark
2012-08-13Fix RouterDescriptor values when updated from a RouterStatusTomás Touceda
2012-08-11Improve router loadingTomás Touceda
2012-08-10Use ControlPortWriteToFile as a relative path instead of absoluteTomás Touceda
2012-07-10Bump version to 0.2.20 and update changelog datevidalia-0.2.20Tomás Touceda
2012-07-10Fold in changesTomás Touceda
2012-07-06Append router status information if Tor is using microdescriptorsTomás Touceda