anonbibFree Haven's anonymity bibliographyFree Haven14 days
apafAnonymous Python Application FrameworkThe Tor Project8 months
atlasA web application to discover Tor relays and bridges.The Tor Project2 months
authdirbadexitDirauth configuration to handle malicious relaysThe Tor Project8 months
brdgrdProtects Tor bridges from being scanned (and as a result blocked) by chinese pro...The Tor Project8 months
bridgedbThe bridge distribution databaseThe Tor Project3 weeks
builders/gitian-builderTor's version of the gitian-builder scriptsThe Tor Project8 months
builders/tor-browser-bundleBuild scripts for the Tor Browser BundleThe Tor Project4 days
censorship-timelinecensorship-timeline for tor with code, data, and tech details to reproduce all e...The Tor Project8 months
checkA new (2013) implementation of checkThe Tor Project3 weeks
chutneyThe chutney tool for testing and automating Tor network setupThe Tor Project2 months
compassScript and website to extract relay statisticsThe Tor Project8 months
curriculumCollection of slides and other materials for building the Tor curriculumThe Tor Project5 months
depictorProduces an HTML file for easily viewing voting and consensus differencesThe Tor Project7 weeks
doctorservice that periodically checks the Tor network for consensus conflicts and oth...The Tor Project5 days
exoneratorcheck whether a given IP address was a Tor relayThe Tor Project8 months
flashproxyPluggable transport for ephemeral IP addressesThe Tor Project3 weeks
gettorDistributors for the Tor software packagesThe Tor Project8 months
githaxMiscellaneous git support documents and scriptsThe Tor Project4 weeks
globeJavaScript application to search and view details for Tor relays and bridgesThe Tor Project4 days
guardfractionHome of the guardfraction dirauth scriptThe Tor Project3 months
https-everywhereHTTPS Everywhere Firefox AddonThe Tor Project15 hours
metrics-dbMetrics data processor and databaseThe Tor Project7 days
metrics-libA Java library that fetches Tor descriptors from a variety of sources like cache...The Tor Project6 days
metrics-tasksTechnical reports and code snippets for metrics analysesThe Tor Project5 weeks
metrics-webMetrics websiteThe Tor Project10 days
nyxCommand-line status monitor for torThe Tor Project3 days
onionooA web-based protocol to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridgesThe Tor Project8 weeks
ooni-probeopen observatory of network interference - probe systemThe Tor Project3 weeks
ooni/oonibopen observatory of network interference - backend systemThe Tor Project8 months
ooni/readeropen observatory of network interference - readerThe Tor Project8 months
ooni/specopen observatory of network interference - specThe Tor Project6 weeks
ooni/webopen observatory of network interference - websiteThe Tor Project8 months
orbotOrbot: Tor on AndroidThe Tor Project6 weeks
pluggable-transports/bundlePluggable transports browser bundleThe Tor Project8 months
pluggable-transports/fogPluggable transport combinerThe Tor Project8 months
pluggable-transports/goptlibGo pluggable transports libraryThe Tor Project2 months
pluggable-transports/meekHTTPS transportThe Tor Project3 weeks
pluggable-transports/obfs4The obfourscatorThe Tor Project5 weeks
pluggable-transports/obfsproxyPluggable transport for obfuscated trafficThe Tor Project4 months
pluggable-transports/obfsproxy-legacyThe old (pre 2013) obfuscating proxy written in CThe Tor Project8 months
pluggable-transports/pyptlibPython pluggable transport libraryThe Tor Project8 months
pluggable-transports/websocketWebSocket transportThe Tor Project3 months
pupsWeb tools for supportThe Tor Project7 months
pyonionooA web-based protocol to learn about currently running Tor relays and bridges8 months
pytorctlTor control library for PythonThe Tor Project8 months
research-webTor Research websiteThe Tor Project4 months
stegotorusSteganographic stealth proxy for TorThe Tor Project8 months
stemTor control library for PythonThe Tor Project13 hours
stormyWizard to create Tor Hidden ServicesThe Tor Project8 months
support-toolsCollection of small tools for the Tor help deskThe Tor Project6 months
tech-reportsTor technical reports (sources)The Tor Project9 weeks
thandyTor's secure updaterThe Tor Project8 months
tlsdateLearn the current time from a remote TLS serverThe Tor Project8 months
torTor's source codeThe Tor Project3 days
tor-animationSubtitles for the Tor animationThe Tor Project3 weeks
tor-blogThe Tor blogThe Tor Project8 months
tor-brochureTor brochureThe Tor Project3 weeks
tor-browserThe Tor BrowserThe Tor Project8 months
tor-browser-pre24.3.0The Tor Browser OLD as of 2014-02The Tor Project8 months
tor-browser-specThe Tor Browser, SpecificationsThe Tor Project12 days
tor-browser/user-manualThe Tor Browser, ManualThe Tor Project4 days
tor-cloudTor images for the cloudThe Tor Project2 weeks
tor-design-2012Updated Tor design paperThe Tor Project8 months
tor-glossaryGlossary of Tor and tech terms to help translatorsThe Tor Project8 months
tor-historyimmutable old copy of the Tor repository as imported from svnThe Tor Project8 months
tor-launchertor-launcher component of TBBThe Tor Project2 weeks
tor-mail-bundleBuild Scripts for the Tor Mail BundleThe Tor Project
tor-manualTor short user manualThe Tor Project8 months
tor-messenger-buildTor Messenger Build scriptsThe Tor Project3 days
tor-nextUnstable testing repository for proposed tor updates (frequently rebased).The Tor Project8 months
tor-ramdiskBuild system for x86/x86_64/mips tor-ramdiskThe Tor Project6 weeks
torbelTor exit list exporter and dns blocklistThe Tor Project8 months
torbirdyTorbutton for Thunderbird and related *bird forksThe Tor Project3 months
torbrowserScripts to build the Tor Browser Bundles (old, pre 3.x)The Tor Project8 months
torbuttonFirefox extension for safe web browsing while using TorThe Tor Project2 weeks
tordnselDNS exitlist checkerThe Tor Project8 months
torflowPython tools for measuring a Tor networkThe Tor Project7 months
torouterTorouter packaging utensils and misc source codeThe Tor Project8 months
torperfTor performance evaluation toolsThe Tor Project2 weeks
torsocksWrapper to safely torify applicationsThe Tor Project12 days
torspecTor's protocol specificationsThe Tor Project6 days
torstatusWeb tool to display information about Tor relays8 months
translationTranslations, one branch per projectThe Tor Project3 months
translation-toolstools to manage the translation repositoryThe Tor Project13 days
trunnelTrunnel: a code generator for binary encoders/decodersThe Tor Project7 months
vidaliaVidalia's source codeThe Tor Project8 months
vidalia-historyimmutable old copy of the Vidalia repository as imported from svnThe Tor Project8 months
vidalia-pluginsVidalia pluginsThe Tor Project8 months
weatherEmail alerts for Tor relay operatorsThe Tor Project6 months
webstatsCode and website to sanitize and visualize .tpo Apache web logsThe Tor Project8 months
jtorctlTor controller, written in Java8 months
External packages, used for building
extern/libeventlibevent releasesexternal project8 months
extern/opensslopenssl releasesexternal project4 months
extern/qtqt referencesexternal project8 months
extern/zlibzlib releasesexternal project8 months
Infrastructure and Administration
admin/dns/auto-dnsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.26 hours
admin/dns/dns-helpersUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 months
admin/dns/domainsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 weeks
admin/dns/mini-nagUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.8 months
admin/tor-jenkinsTor Project jenkins configurationThe Tor Project7 months
admin/tor-nagiosTor Project nagios configurationThe Tor Project21 hours
admin/trac/TracAccountManagerTor specific changes to Matthew Good's account manager pluginThe Tor Project8 months
admin/userdir-ldapNagging tool for when hosts go awolThe Tor Project4 months
admin/userdir-ldap-cgiCGI scripts for userdir-ldapThe Tor Project5 months
project/bridges/bridgedb-adminDeployment and maintenance scripts, notes, and configs for bridges.torproject.or...The Tor Project3 weeks
project/help/ infrastructureThe Tor Project8 months
project/help/ contentThe Tor Project4 weeks
project/jenkins/jobsTor's Jenkins job definitionsThe Tor Project4 days
project/jenkins/toolsTor's Jenkins tools and scriptsThe Tor Project2 days
project/web/webwmlTor websiteThe Tor Project4 days
Mirrors of other Git repositories.
mirror/libeventlibevent git mirrorgit mirror8 months
orfoxos/b2gThe main build scripts for OrfoxOSThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/b2g-flash-toolGUI flashing tool for flashing OrfoxOSThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/b2g-manifestManifest files for different devices that run OrfoxOSThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/gaiaThe web UI for OrfoxOSThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/geckoA fork of Mozilla FirefoxOS modified to be OrfoxOSThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/gonk-miscLow level hardware integration for OrfoxOSThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/libeventLibEvent with OrfoxOS integration patchesThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/opensslOpenSSL with OrfoxOS integration patchesThe Tor Project8 months
orfoxos/torFork of Tor with OrfoxOS integration patchesThe Tor Project8 months
debian/flashproxyDebian packaging for the meek pluggable transportThe Tor Project5 weeks
debian/goptlibDebian packaging for the goptlib pluggable transport libraryThe Tor Project5 weeks
debian/meekUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
debian/obfsproxyDebian packaging for the obfsproxy pluggable transportThe Tor Project8 months
debian/obfsproxy-legacyDebian packaging for the obfsproxy-legacy pluggable transportThe Tor Project8 months
debian/pt-websocketDebian packaging for the pt-websocket pluggable transportThe Tor Project8 months
debian/pyptlibDebian packaging for the pyptlib pluggable transport libraryThe Tor Project8 months
debian/torDebian packaging for TorThe Tor Project26 hours
debian/tor-pristine-upstreamPristine tarballs of upstream releases, used in Debian packagingThe Tor Project2 days
debian/torproject-keyringtorproject-keyring package for's apt repositoryThe Tor Project8 months
Users' development repositories
arma/torRoger's Tor repositoryRoger Dingledine8 months
arma/torspecRoger's repo for the Tor spec splitRoger Dingledine8 months
arma/vidaliaRoger's vidalia repositoryRoger Dingledine8 months
atagar/tor-utilsDamian's tor-utils repositoryDamian Johnson8 months
boklm/tor-browser-bundle-testsuiteNicolas' tor-browser-bundle-testsuite repositoryNicolas Vigier3 days
chiiph/vidaliaChiiph's vidalia repositoryTomás Touceda8 months
chrisd/polipoChristopher's Polipo repositoryChristopher Davis8 months
erinn/build-scriptsErinn's build scripts repositoryErinn Clark8 months
erinn/thandyErinn's Thandy repositoryErinn Clark8 months
erinn/torErinn's Tor repositoryErinn Clark8 months
erinn/torbrowserErinn's Torbrowser repositoryErinn Clark8 months
erinn/trac-testErinn's trac-git test repositoryErinn Clark8 months
erinn/vidaliaErinn's Vidalia repositoryErinn Clark8 months
hoganrobert/torRobert's Tor repositoryRobert Hogan8 months
hoganrobert/torsocksRobert's Torsocks repositoryRobert Hogan8 months
ioerror/build-scriptsJake's build scripts repositoryJacob Appelbaum8 months
ioerror/torJake's tor repositoryJacob Appelbaum8 months
ioerror/tor-cloudJake's repository for Tor cloud materialsJacob Appelbaum8 months
ioerror/tor-extraJake's repository for Tor contrib toolsJacob Appelbaum8 months
ioerror/torwallJake's repository for TorwallJacob Appelbaum8 months
ioerror/ttdnsdJake's ttdnsd repositoryJacob Appelbaum8 months
kaner/bridgedbChristian's bridgedb repositoryChristian Fromme8 months
kaner/gettorChristian's gettor repositoryChristian Fromme8 months
kaner/weatherChristian's weather repositoryChristian Fromme6 months
karsten/metrics-dbKarsten's metrics-db repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
karsten/metrics-tasksKarsten's metrics tasks repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
karsten/metrics-webKarsten's metrics web repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
karsten/torKarsten's Tor repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
karsten/torperfKarsten's Torperf repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
linus/torLinus' Tor repositoryLinus Nordberg8 months
linus/tor-extraLinus' Tor utils repositoryLinus Nordberg8 months
mikeperry/https-everywhereMike's HTTPS-Everywhere repositoryMike Perry8 months
mikeperry/pytorctlMike's PythonTorCtl repositoryMike Perry8 months
mikeperry/torMike's Tor RepositoryMike Perry8 months
mikeperry/torbrowserMike's Tor Browser repositoryMike Perry8 months
mikeperry/torbuttonMike's Torbutton repositoryMike Perry8 months
mikeperry/torflowMike's TorFlow repositoryMike Perry8 months
mikeperry/torperfMike's Torperf repositoryMike Perry8 months
n8fr8/orbotNathan's Orbot repositoryNathan Freitas12 days
nickm/bridgedbNick's trunnel repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
nickm/chutneyNick's Chutney repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
nickm/githaxNick's githax repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
nickm/obfsproxyNick's protocol obfuscator repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
nickm/torNick's Tor repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
nima/websiteNima's Tor website repositoryNima Fatemi3 weeks
pde/https-everywherePeter's HTTPS-Everywhere repositoryPeter Eckersley8 months
rransom/libeventbookRobert's libeventbook repositoryRobert Ransom8 months
rransom/metrics-tasksRobert's metrics-tasks repositoryRobert Ransom8 months
rransom/torRobert's tor repositoryRobert Ransom8 months
rransom/tor-utilsMisc. Tor-related utilitiesRobert Ransom8 months
rransom/torspecRobert's torspec repositoryRobert Ransom8 months
runa/vidaliaRuna's Vidalia repositoryRuna Sandvik8 months
schoen/https-everywhereSeth's HTTPS-Everywhere repositorySeth Schoen8 months
sebastian/armSebastian's arm repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/gettorSebastian's gettor repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/githaxSebastian's githax repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/jtorctlSebastian's jtorctl repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/libeventSebastian's libevent repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/libeventbookSebastian's libevent book repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/orbotSebastian's orbot repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/thandySebastian's thandy repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/torSebastian's Tor repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/tor-utilsMisc Tor scriptsSebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/torbelSebastian's Tor repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/torbrowserSebastian's Torbrowser repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/torperfSebastian's Torperf repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/torspecSebastian's repo for the Tor spec splitSebastian Hahn8 months
sebastian/vidaliaSebastian's Vidalia repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
sjm217/metricsSteven's metrics repositorySteven Murdoch8 months
sjm217/pluggable-transportSteven's alternative transports for Tor repositorySteven Murdoch8 months
sjm217/torSteven's Tor repositorySteven Murdoch8 months
sjm217/torbrowserSteven's Torbrowser repositorySteven Murdoch8 months
sjm217/torspecSteven's torspec repositorySteven Murdoch8 months
tomb/torperfTom's torperf repositoryThomas S. Benjamin8 months
user/aagbsn/bridgedbAaron's bridgedb repositoryAaron Gibson8 months
user/aagbsn/pytorctlAaron's pytorctl repositoryAaron Gibson8 months
user/aagbsn/torflowAaron's torflow repositoryAaron Gibson8 months
user/andrea/torAndrea's tor repositoryAndrea Shepard4 days
user/art/bridgedbArturo's bridgedb repositoryArturo Filastò8 months
user/art/pytorctlArturo's pytorctl repositoryArturo Filastò8 months
user/art/torArturo's Tor repositoryArturo Filastò8 months
user/art/torstatusArturo's Torstatus repositoryArturo Filastò8 months
user/asn/flashproxyGeorge's flashproxy repositoryGeorge Kadianakis8 months
user/asn/haxGeorge's misc projectsGeorge Kadianakis8 months
user/asn/hexchatGeorge's hexchat repositoryGeorge Kadianakis8 months
user/asn/obfsproxyGeorge's Python pluggable transport proxy repositoryGeorge Kadianakis8 months
user/asn/pyptlibGeorge's Pluggable transport python library repositoryGeorge Kadianakis8 months
user/asn/torGeorge's Tor repositoryGeorge Kadianakis8 months
user/asn/torspecGeorge's repo for the Tor specGeorge Kadianakis8 months
user/atagar/doctorDamian's doctor repositoryDamian Johnson8 months
user/atagar/nyxDamian's nyx repositoryDamian Johnson8 months
user/atagar/stemDamian's stem repositoryDamian Johnson8 months
user/atagar/torDamian's tor repoDamian Johnson
user/atagar/torspecDamian's torspec repoDamian Johnson8 months
user/blanu/blocking-testBlocking-resistant protocol testing frameworkBrandon Wiley8 months
user/boklm/tor-browser-bundleNicolas' tor-browser-bundle repositoryNicolas Vigier7 months
user/brade/gitian-builderKathy's gitian-builder RepositoryKathy Brade8 months
user/brade/tor-browserKathy's Tor-Browser RepositoryKathy Brade8 months
user/brade/tor-browser-bundleKathy's Tor-Browser-Bundle RepositoryKathy Brade5 months
user/brade/tor-launcherKathy's Tor-Launcher RepositoryKathy Brade4 days
user/brade/torbrowserKathy's Torbrowser RepositoryKathy Brade8 months
user/brade/torbuttonKathy's Torbutton RepositoryKathy Brade3 months
user/chiiph/thandyChiiph's thandy repositoryTomás Touceda8 months
user/chiiph/thandy-bootstrapChiiph's thandygui bootstrapper repositoryTomás Touceda8 months
user/chiiph/torChiiph's tor repositoryTomás Touceda8 months
user/chiiph/vidalia-pluginsChiiph's vidalia-plugins repositoryTomás Touceda8 months
user/colin/curriculumColin's curriculum repositoryColin Childs6 weeks
user/colin/https-everywhereColin's https-everywhere repositoryColin Childs
user/colin/tb-videosColin's Tor Browser video scriptsColin Childs2 weeks
user/colin/webwmlColin's website repositoryColin Childs6 months
user/dcf/flashproxyDavid's flashproxy repositoryDavid Fifield8 months
user/dcf/ossOnline scanning service-based transportDavid Fifield8 months
user/dcf/tor-browser-bundleDavid's tor-browser-bundle repositoryDavid Fifield8 months
user/dererk/armUlises' arm repositoryUlises Vitulli8 months
user/dererk/pytorctlUlises' pytorctl repositoryUlises Vitulli8 months
user/dgoulet/torDavid's tor repositoryDavid Goulet11 days
user/dgoulet/torsocksDavid's torsocks repositoryDavid Goulet13 days
user/dgoulet/torspecDavid's repo for the Tor specDavid Goulet
user/erinn/tor-browser-bundleErinn's tor-browser-bundle repoErinn Clark8 months
user/gk/gitian-builderGeorg's gitian repoGeorg Koppen8 months
user/gk/tor-browserGeorg's tor-browser repoGeorg Koppen8 months
user/gk/tor-browser-bundleGeorg's tor-browser-bundle repoGeorg Koppen8 months
user/gk/tor-browser-bundle-testsuite Georg's tor-browser-bundle-testsuite repoGeorg Koppen8 months
user/gk/tor-launcherGeorg's tor-launcher repoGeorg Koppen8 months
user/gk/torbuttonGeorg's torbutton repoGeorg Koppen8 months
user/griffin/stormyGriffin's stormy repositoryThe Tor Project8 months
user/gsathya/orbotgsathya's orbot repositorySathyanarayanan Gunasekaran8 months
user/gsathya/pathsimTor path simulatorSathyanarayanan Gunasekaran8 months
user/gsathya/pyonionoogsathya's onionoo in python repositorySathyanarayanan Gunasekaran8 months
user/gsathya/stemgsathya's stem repositorySathyanarayanan Gunasekaran8 months
user/hacim/torMicah's Tor repositoryMicah Anderson6 months
user/harmony/user-manualHarmony's tor browser user manual repositoryHarmony
user/hiviah/rpm-build-scriptsOndrej's rpm-build-scripts repositoryOndrej Mikle11 days
user/hiviah/rpm-torOndrej's tor-rpm repositoryOndrej Mikle8 months
user/huseby/b2gThe main build scripts for OrfoxOSDave Huseby8 months
user/huseby/b2g-flash-toolGUI flashing tool for flashing OrfoxOSDave Huseby5 weeks
user/huseby/b2g-manifestManifest files for different devices that run OrfoxOSDave Huseby8 months
user/huseby/device-flameflame device specific build configsDave Huseby
user/huseby/device-hamachihamachi device specific build configsDave Huseby
user/huseby/device-tarakotarako device specific build configs Dave Huseby
user/huseby/gaiaThe web UI for OrfoxOSDave Huseby8 months
user/huseby/geckoA fork of Mozilla FirefoxOS modified to be OrfoxOSDave Huseby8 months
user/huseby/gonk-miscLow level hardware integration for OrfoxOSDave Huseby8 months
user/huseby/libeventLibEvent with OrfoxOS integration patchesDave Huseby8 months
user/huseby/opensslOpenSSL with OrfoxOS integration patchesDave Huseby8 months
user/huseby/torFork of Tor with OrfoxOS integration patchesDave Huseby8 months
user/ilv/gettorilv's gettor repositoryIsrael Leiva3 months
user/ioerror/obfsproxyJake's obfsproxy repositoryJacob Appelbaum8 months
user/ioerror/torbrowserJake's Tor Browser repositoryJacob Appelbaum8 months
user/isis/bridgedbIsis's bridgedb repositoryIsis3 weeks
user/isis/leekspinIsis's leekspin repositoryIsis7 weeks
user/isis/ooni-probeIsis's ooni-probe repositoryIsis8 months
user/isis/torIsis's tor repositoryIsis3 months
user/isis/torspecIsis's torspec repositoryIsis3 months
user/jvoisin/matJulien's Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit repositoryJulien Voisin6 weeks
user/karsten/atlasKarsten's atlas repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/karsten/compassKarsten's compass repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/karsten/doctorKarsten's doctor repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/karsten/exoneratorKarsten's exonerator repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/karsten/metrics-libKarsten's metrics-lib repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/karsten/onionooKarsten's onionoo repositoryKarsten Loesing6 months
user/karsten/research-webKarsten's research-web repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/karsten/tech-reportsKarsten's tech-reports repositoryKarsten Loesing5 months
user/karsten/tor-animationSubtitles for the Tor animationKarsten Loesing3 weeks
user/karsten/tor-brochureTor brochureKarsten Loesing3 weeks
user/karsten/torspecKarsten's torspec repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/karsten/weatherKarsten's weather repositoryKarsten Loesing8 months
user/krkhan/armKamran's arm repositoryKamran Riaz Khan8 months
user/linus/chutneyLinus' Chutney repositoryLinus Nordberg8 months
user/linus/tor-browser-bundleLinus' Tor-browser-bundle repositoryLinus Nordberg8 months
user/linus/torflowLinus' Torflow repositoryLinus Nordberg
user/linus/torspecLinus' Torspec repositoryLinus Nordberg8 months
user/lunar/metrics-tasksLunar's metrics-tasks repositoryLunar8 months
user/lunar/tor-and-httpsLunar's tor-and-https repositoryLunar8 months
user/marlowe/rpm-torPatrick's rpm-tor repositoryPatrick Ryan McDonald8 months
user/mcs/tor-launcherMark's Tor-Launcher RepositoryMark Smith8 months
user/mcs/torbrowserMark's Torbrowser RepositoryMark Smith8 months
user/mcs/torbuttonMark's Torbutton RepositoryMark Smith8 months
user/mikeperry/gitian-builderMike's gitian repositoryMike Perry8 months
user/mikeperry/tor-browserMike's Tor-Browser RepositoryMike Perry8 months
user/mikeperry/tor-browser-bundleMike's tor-browser-bundle repositoryMike Perry8 months
user/mikeperry/tor-launcherMike's Tor-Launcher RepositoryMike Perry8 months
user/mikeperry/torspecMike's Torspec repositoryMike Perry8 months
user/nickm/tor-roadmapsNick's Tor roadmaps repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
user/nickm/torsocksNick's Torsocks repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
user/nickm/torspecNick's Tor specification repositoryNick Mathewson8 months
user/nickm/trunnelUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.8 months
user/nima/gettorNima's gettor repositoryNima Fatemi6 months
user/phw/atlasPhilipp's Atlas repositoryPhilipp Winter2 months
user/phw/exitmapPhilipp's exitmap repositoryPhilipp Winter2 weeks
user/phw/obfsproxyPhilipp's obfsproxy repositoryPhilipp Winter8 months
user/phw/scramblesuitPhilipp's ScrambleSuit repositoryPhilipp Winter8 months
user/phw/sybilhunterPhilipp's sybilhunter repositoryPhilipp Winter4 days
user/phw/zoosshPhilipp's zoossh repositoryPhilipp Winter3 days
user/rransom/curve25519-donnaRobert's ECC playgroundRobert Ransom8 months
user/rransom/scheme48Robert's scheme48 repoRobert Ransom8 months
user/rransom/tor-manualRobert's tor-manual repositoryRobert Ransom8 months
user/rransom/torbrowserRobert's torbrowser repositoryRobert Ransom8 months
user/rransom/torflowRobert's torflow repositoryRobert Ransom8 months
user/runa/gettorRuna's gettor repositoryRuna Sandvik8 months
user/runa/tech-reportsRuna's tech-reports repositoryRuna Sandvik8 months
user/runa/tor-glossaryRuna's tor-glossary repositoryRuna Sandvik8 months
user/runa/tor-manualRuna's tor-manual repositoryRuna Sandvik8 months
user/sebastian/chutneySebastian's chutney repositorySebastian Hahn2 months
user/sebastian/gitian-builderSebastian's gitian-builder repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/metrics-dbSebastian's metrics-db repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/metrics-libSebastian's metrics-lib repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/metrics-webSebastian's metrics-web repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/obfsproxySebastian's obfsproxy repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/onionooSebastian's onionoo repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/stemSebastian's stem repositorySebastian Hahn
user/sebastian/tor-browser-bundleSebastian's tor-browser-bundle repoSebastain Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/tor-manualSebastian's tor-manual repositorySebastian Hahn8 months
user/sebastian/translation-toolsSebastian's repository for translation support toolsSebastian Hahn8 months
user/shondoit/thandyShondoit's thandy repositoryShondoit Walker8 months
user/shondoit/torShondoit's tor repositoryShondoit Walker8 months
user/shondoit/torbrowserShondoit's torbrowser repositoryShondoit Walker8 months
user/shondoit/vidaliaShondoit's vidalia repositoryShondoit Walker8 months
user/sjm217/libnatpmp-patchesSteven's repository for libnatpmp patchesSteven Murdoch8 months
user/sjm217/miniupnpc-patchesSteven's repository for libminiupnpc patchesSteven Murdoch8 months
user/sukhbir/gettorSukhbir's gettor repositorySukhbir Singh8 months
user/sysrqb/bridgedbMatt's bridgedb repositoryMatthew Finkel8 months
user/sysrqb/chutneyMatt's chutney repositoryMatthew Finkel8 months
user/sysrqb/torMatt's tor repositoryMatthew Finkel3 months
user/sysrqb/torspecMatt's torspec repositoryMatthew Finkel8 months
user/tom/depictorTom's depictor repositoryTom Ritter7 weeks
user/vmon/stegotorusvmon's stegotorus repositoryVeggie Monster8 months
user/weasel/onionffweasel's onionff repositoryPeter Palfrader8 months
user/yawning/liballiumYawning's liballium repositoryYawning Angel8 months
user/yawning/obfsclientYawning's obfsclient repositoryYawning Angel14 days
user/yawning/obfsproxyYawning's Python pluggable transport proxy repositoryYawning Angel7 months
user/yawning/pyptlibYawning's Pluggable transport python library repositoryYawning Angel8 months
user/zwol/stegotorusZack's stegotorus repositoryZack Weinberg8 months
user/zwol/tech-reportsZack's tech-reports repositoryZack Weinberg8 months
user/zwol/torspecZack's torspec repositoryZack Weinberg8 months
Users' development repositories (Attic)
atagar/pytorctlDamian's PythonTorCtl repositoryDamian Johnson8 months
user/atagar/exitmapDamian's exitmap repositoryDamian Johnson8 months
user/atagar/weatherDamian's weather repositoryDamian Johnson8 months