descriptionservice that periodically checks the Tor network for consensus conflicts and other hiccups
ownerThe Tor Project
last changeSat, 29 Mar 2014 20:00:50 +0000 (13:00 -0700)
2014-03-29 Damian JohnsonStop treating turtles as a bandwidth authority master
2014-02-08 Damian JohnsonAdding the usecreatefast consensus parameter
2013-11-16 Damian JohnsonMinor grammatical improvement for cert expiration
2013-10-24 Damian JohnsonShortening cert expiration warning to be on the order...
2013-10-14 Damian JohnsonDropping Tonga from checks
2013-10-14 Damian JohnsonSkipping initial vote download for non-voting authorities
2013-10-07 Damian JohnsonTaking advantage of lru_cache
2013-10-07 Damian JohnsonProviding suppressed messages if notifying anyway
2013-10-06 Damian JohnsonUsing string's format() method for notifications
2013-10-02 Damian JohnsonRate limiting recommended version notifications
2013-09-30 Damian JohnsonPluralizing 'nickname_to_relay'
2013-09-30 Damian JohnsonSuppressing sybil notification if not run in the last...
2013-09-30 Damian JohnsonDon't drop relays with identical nicknames
2013-09-25 Damian JohnsonIncluding certificate expiration date in notice
2013-09-22 Damian JohnsonSyntax error with descriptor_checker
2013-09-21 Damian JohnsonSending notices to me rather...
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