descriptionJake's ttdnsd repository
ownerJacob Appelbaum
last changeMon, 29 Aug 2011 14:44:55 +0000 (16:44 +0200)
2011-08-29 Jacob Appelbaumadd configuration information master
2011-08-29 Jacob AppelbaumAdd unbound code
2011-04-28 Jacob AppelbaumAdd new Makefile targets
2011-02-26 Jacob Appelbaumrefactor after code review from kaner
2011-02-26 Jacob Appelbaumadd version-bump Makefile target
2011-02-26 Jacob Appelbaumreword debian/control
2011-02-26 Jacob AppelbaumUbuntu service support confirmed
2011-02-26 Jacob Appelbaumremove TODO item; we have a torsocks Makefile target
2011-02-26 Jacob AppelbaumAdd comments about write() and read() direction
2011-02-26 Jacob Appelbaumbasic torsocks linked ttdnsd
2011-02-26 Jacob Appelbaumadd torsocks-static target
2011-02-26 Jacob Appelbaumlink against torsocks in the future
2011-02-25 Jacob Appelbaumforce TSOCKS_CONF_FILE env var
2011-02-25 Jacob AppelbaumMAX_REQUESTS should be 499 unless we actually think...
2011-02-25 Jacob Appelbaumadd some verbosity to ttdnsd
2011-02-25 Jacob Appelbaumadd note about getenv bug fix
3 years ago ttdnsd-0.7 This marks the release of ttdnsd...
3 years ago ttdnsd-0.6 We're bumping to 0.6 because we...
3 years ago ttdnsd-0.5 This marks the release of 0.5
2 years ago master