BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate to even newer metrics-lib.Karsten Loesing15 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
15 hoursUpdate to even newer metrics-lib.HEADmasterKarsten Loesing
21 hoursUpdate to latest metrics-lib.Karsten Loesing
2015-03-27Update Vagrant file to reflect switch to Jetty.Karsten Loesing
2015-03-27Add fractional time of having a flag assigned.Karsten Loesing
2015-03-16Fix searches with multiple search terms.Karsten Loesing
2015-02-27Don't escape `/` before feeding strings into Gson.Karsten Loesing
2015-02-25Use Apache Common Lang's StringUtils.replace correctly.Karsten Loesing
2015-02-25Do not proceed with lookup if an encoding error is reported and log file enco...iwakeh
2015-02-25Fix character encoding of ASN database file.Karsten Loesing
2015-02-23Raise version to 2.2.1 for #14984 fix.Karsten Loesing