BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd __version__ attribute in pyptlib package.John Giannelos19 months
pyptlib-0.0.6commit 370a5bc0c7...George Kadianakis19 months
pyptlib-0.0.5commit a0463fec15...George Kadianakis2 years
pyptlib-0.0.4commit 987f2cc5d4...George Kadianakis2 years
pyptlib-0.0.3commit cb76e10f39...George Kadianakis3 years
pyptlib-0.0.2commit 4e0640de9c...George Kadianakis3 years
pyptlib-0.0.1commit 072babbb24...George Kadianakis3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-05-10Add __version__ attribute in pyptlib package.HEADmasterJohn Giannelos
2014-04-16Do the release ritual for pyptlib-0.0.6.pyptlib-0.0.6George Kadianakis
2014-04-16Add a ChangeLog entry for #8956 and improve some docs.George Kadianakis
2014-03-25Change "PROXY true" to "PROXY DONE"Yawning Angel
2014-03-20Add support for TOR_PT_PROXYYawning Angel
2013-11-27use Windows JobObjects to have all children killed when the parent process di...Ximin Luo
2013-11-27note INT-related failing tests on windowsXimin Luo
2013-11-27note TERM-related failing tests on windowsXimin Luo
2013-11-27Use already-defined constants from pywin32Ximin Luo
2013-11-04refactor windows-specific code to have better structure and move imports to topXimin Luo