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masterFix a misspelling in tor-spec.txtteor4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysFix a misspelling in tor-spec.txtHEADmasterteor
4 daysConsistently use _LEN in 224-rend-spec-ng.txtteor
4 daysFix minor typos and inconsistencies in 224-rend-spec-ng.txtteor
2015-06-11a stem user got confused by md/*Roger Dingledine
2015-06-11fix some spelling errors / etc in control specRoger Dingledine
2015-06-08actually add proposal 245Nick Mathewson
2015-06-02Add a proposal to kill off the TAP protocolNick Mathewson
2015-06-02Whoops; actually add proposal 244.Nick Mathewson
2015-06-01Add a note on master-key-ed25519 to prop220Nick Mathewson
2015-05-26Remove a needless nonce from secret_input in prop224.Nick Mathewson