descriptionWeb tool to display information about Tor relays
ownerThe Tor Project
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2011-08-10 Jeremy FehrFixed #3707, removed TODO file (to add to trac). master
2011-08-10 Jeremy FehrRemoved hanging vertical bar from base.html
2011-08-10 Jeremy FehrMerge branch 'twodb_stable' of
2011-08-10 Jeremy FehrForgot to add schema specification in cache.purge()
2011-08-09 Jeremy FehrAdded a TODO file, began refactoring code. Others.
2011-08-05 Jeremy FehrFixed exit node query bug re: destination port.
2011-08-05 Jeremy FehrAdded TODO file, helpful 404 and 500 pages.
2011-08-04 Jeremy FehrRewrote "about" page.
2011-08-04 Jeremy FehrReplaced 'from helpers import *' with 'import helpers'.
2011-08-04 Jeremy FehrMerge branch 'master' of /home/dcalderon/status into...
2011-08-04 Diego CalderonMade a preliminary 'about Tor Status' page
2011-08-03 Jeremy FehrAttempted to unify naming conventions; not done.
2011-08-03 Jeremy FehrMoved all constants to status.config.
2011-08-03 Jeremy FehrFixed sorting by clicking on columns, LDP sort.
2011-08-03 Jeremy FehrBug fix commit. Also removed button styling.
2011-08-02 Jeremy FehrAdded '?' country flags, added full index.
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